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Cookies are small text files which are stored by the web browser on your computer or mobile phone. Their purpose is to store a small amount of data specific to a particular website in order to allow that site to deliver a page tailored to a particular user or to track that user's actions and activities whilst on the site.

Most websites you visit use cookies and we ourselves use cookies on several websites, although on this particular site,, we do not currently use any cookies. Accordingly the cookies file maintained by your web browser, which stores all the cookies you collect from all the websites you visit, must not contain any cookies which have been generated by this particular site.

Despite this website not currently using any cookies, we nevertheless provide this cookie policy for our site users in order to make it clear that no cookies are being used. In the event that we ever did use cookies here your use of this site would mean that you accept and expressly consent to the site's use of cookies. If in such an event you did not consent to the site's use of cookies then you must not use the site at any time or for any purpose.

To demonstrate that this website does not currently use any cookies we are providing you with your personal site cookie data, which is shown in the table below. UK Babe Channels uses advanced HIP Open Cookie™ technology to display cookies in this way in order, on this particular site, to confirm that no cookies are currently in use.

The table below does not just list cookies, but also acts as a cookie management facility. This means that if any cookies existed in the table you would have the option to refuse your consent to the use of them and delete them from your computer or mobile phone. If the table were to list cookies then each cookie could be considered individually and each one could be deleted or accepted individually.

Please note that although this website does not currently use any cookies, your visit to this site could still lead you to come into contact with and acquire cookies from third parties. This is because TV Girls has image, banner and video content embedded in the site from other websites and therefore webpages found at which contain this embedded content may present you with cookies from those other websites.

If you do not consent to these third party cookies you must not use this site at any time or for any purpose, since using this site means that you do accept and expressly consent to the use of these cookies. However, we do not control the dissemination of these third party cookies and the cookie management facility provided below will not enable you to block these cookies.

For more information about these third party cookies you should check the relevant third party websites.

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